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Testimonials from Past Clients

My Husband and I appreciate Brian and Goodman's Plumbing...

They have always been prompt and reliable. We appreciate the quality of their work at reasonable prices. We recommend them to our most "picky" clientele and all have been pleased.

- Claire Armintrout
A-1 Overhead Door Co.
Watsonville, Ca.

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"Goodman's Plumbing represents the best of old fashioned craftsmanship..."

All are well organized, on-time and neat.  Their services are fair and promptly rendered.  They have solved a variety of plumbing problems, even ordering odd parts we had difficult describing they were able to create what we had in mind.  They recently completed a bathroom remodel in our home, they were so helpful in advising us what would be needed to complete the project. Thank You Brian and Goodman's Plumbing, we appreciate your fine plumbing services.  Your firm will always be our plumbers of choice

                                               - Linc and Dee Handley - Aromas, Ca.

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(all testimonials have been edited for spelling only, and are otherwise verbatim from customer letters)

A clogged drain in a bathroom sink is often the result of hair building up around the stopper. Most stoppers are removed easily for cleaning by either turning them and lifting up or detaching the lift mechanism from under the sink.

If you have a septic system, commercial drain cleaners can kill the bacteria in your system that make it work. Use these chemicals sparingly or not at all.

Goodman PLumbing Toilet problems
"Does your toilet run constantly? Check the flapper at the bottom of the tank to make sure that it seats completely. Also check the float ball for leaks."

"Periodically drain your water heater to remove sediment from the bottom. Sediment in the bottom of the tank can cause the water heater to fail prematurely."

Goodman Plumbing Faucet Tips
"Have hard water? Consider having a plumbing professional install a water softener in your home. Water softeners remove minerals from your water reducing scale buildup in your system and improving the performance of soaps."